Why do I want to live at a Horizon Community?

Horizon goes above and beyond to exceed expectations in every facet of the housing experience. With market-leading customer service, we strive to proactively anticipate your needs.

Horizon serves more than 20,000 community members. With 20+ years of serving residents with professional management experience, Horizon Communities are designed specifically for the resident experience.

At Horizon, we focus on every need and deliver convenience to make your community an exceptional place to call home. As you find your new home, you can look forward to noticing the Horizon difference.

How is Horizon responding to Covid-19?

Horizon has implemented new cleaning procedures within all of our communities nation-wide. This includes sanitation of common spaces and amenities, reduced hours for deep cleaning and social distancing guidelines. Prior to moving in, your apartment home will be professionally cleaned and sanitized. We are happy to explain all the unique actions our team is taking.

We are taking every measure within our community to ensure cleanliness, distancing, and enjoyment of our community. Together we call all make a difference in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Do we need Renter’s insurance?

As a company, we require all residents have $100k liability coverage. Horizon offers an internal plan meeting this criteria for a low price of $13 per person per month. Personal content coverage is optional, but can be added for an additional $5. For a total of only $18 per month, any necessary protection will be covered. If you choose to opt out of the internal plan, third-party plans must meet the minimum liability coverage requirement (including personal contents if preferred) and be uploaded properly.

What is RENT PLUS?

Build your credit by paying your rent on time! Rent Plus is an add-on service that enables you to build your credit by simply paying your rent on time. This means no additional lines of credit, no loans, no credit cards, and no high-interest rates. Pay your rent on time each month and Rent Plus will take care of the rest. Ask the office for details about enrolling!

What is an RV Index?

​The RV Index is a risk score based on several factors. It is an innovative move in qualifying criteria used to screen and qualify applicants and guarantors.  By using this inclusive index opposed to our prior practice, we take a step toward future industry standards of fair practice. Depending on your property, an RV index of 40 or 50 will need to be achieved.  Instead of just credit score and income, the index looks at several factors such as:
1. Payment history on all trade lines
2. Ratio of rent to income
3. Ratio of debt to income
4. Collections
5. Ratio of positive to negative credit lines

What is an individual lease?

You are only responsible for your student’s rent. If a roommate transfers, graduates or misses a rent payment- you have no financial obligation.

Lease Term and Rental Installment- what is an installment and when do I pay?

The typical lease term is approximately 11.5 months of occupancy which coincides with the university’s academic calendar. The resident is charged a total rent amount for the contracted occupancy period. The lease agreement will reflect the total rent amount typically divided into 12 equal installments due August 1 - July 1. These installments do not represent a monthly rent amount and are not prorated

How do I renew my lease?

You can renew your lease online from your resident portal!

If I renew, do I have to move out and then move back in?

No, you don't have to move out and back in if you renew. You can just stay in your apartment!

What is nearby?

Whether you have just moved in or are visiting a friend/family member in our community, here are a few of our favorite places to eat, shop, and play!

Eats and Treats

Frosty Drive N - https://m.facebook.com/FrostyDriveN/
Braum's Ice Cream & Burger Restaurant - https://www.braums.com/
Rudy's Real Texas Bar-B-Q - https://rudysbbq.com/location/detail/denton-tx
Candy Heaven and Cakes - https://www.candyhavenandcakes.com/
Heavenly Taylored Sweets - http://heavenlytayloredsweets.com/
Taqueria Kristal - https://www.taqueriakristal.com/
Tortilleria La Sabrocita - https://www.tortillerialasabrocita.com/
Jonuzi's Pizza - https://jonuzisdenton.com/
New York Sub Hub - http://newyorksubhub.com/
Ben & Jerry's - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Ben-and-Jerrys-Ice-Cream/
Blue Goose Cantina - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Blue-Goose-Cantina/
The Brass Tap - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/The-Brass-Tap-Craft-Beer-Bar-Highland-Village/
Buffalo Wild Wings - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Buffalo-Wild-Wings/
Lambeau's Amera Kitchen & Tap - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Lambeaus-America-Kitchen-and-Tap/
Grimaldi's PIzzeria - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Grimaldis-Pizzeria/
Delhi 6 Indian Kitchen - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Delhi-6-Indian-Kitchen/
Mt. Fuji Steakhouse and Hibachi - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Mt-Fuji-Steakhouse-and-Hibachi/
Rockfish Seafood Grill - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Rockfish-Seafood-Grill/
Shoal Greek Tavern - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Shoal-Creek-Tavern/
Snuffer's - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Snuffers-Restaurant-and-Bar/
Sushi Fugu - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Sushi-Fugu/
Tiff's Treats - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Tiffs-Treats/
Torchy's Tacos - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Torchys-Tacos/
Grimaldi's Pizzeria - https://www.theshopsathighlandvillage.com/Grimaldis-Pizzeria/

Panera Bread
Outback Steakhouse


Tanger Outlets
Golden Triangle Mall
The Shops at Highland Village
Sam's Club


Local Fun

Lewisville Lake
Texas Motor Speedway